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Custom drinks for weddings

Summertime calls for trips to the beach, bachelorette parties, and of course weddings. Often this also brings to mind a well-balanced custom cocktail to enjoy with friends and family. Today we are sharing our top summer cocktail recipes from our friends at Ghost Coast Distillery. A light and fruity drink for the summer, and one […]

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Custom spiked apple cider drink for weddings

Spiked Apple Cider Nothing says warm me up like apple cider, especially when the temperature dips down and a fire is going.  We are back again with our favorite mixologist Clair as she walks us through how to make the best apple cider we have tried. This drink is warm to touch and has so […]

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Thanksgiving Family Recipe

Thanksgiving Recipes for the Holidays I feel like we blinked and the holiday season is upon us.  This is my favorite time of year but I am still left asking myself how we are already a week away from Thanksgiving and there is SNOW on the ground . . crazy right.  As foodies, J and […]

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with grenadine

Ward 8 I had never heard of the Ward 8 until meeting Clair Mclafferty but if Clair makes you a drink . . you darn well better try it.  Back in August she introduced us to this crafted cocktail as one of her personal faves.  As a fan of the Whiskey Sour . . this […]

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Paloma Cocktail with Tequila

The Paloma As we near the end of summer, everyone is searching for a refreshing drink that can be sipped on a back porch as we soak up the last little bits of vacations, beach trips, and of course tacos.      So what drink is the perfect end of summer drink and is a […]

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