Marrying elegance with empowerment

Boudoir Photography 

Tasteful and Timeless

Because the boudoir images you walk away with shouldn’t just feel surface-level sexy—but deeply empowering and incredibly timeless.

So much of our lives as women is spent hiding, conforming, shrinking, and apologizing. Boudoir photography allows you to flip that tired script on its head. It gives you the space and power to fully embrace your shape, your story, and—most importantly—your substance.

As a seasoned boudoir photographer, I cultivate an atmosphere where you can feel comfortable, at-ease, and like your truest self in front of the camera—and then I work to capture, not just your silhouette and curves, but your spirit and confidence.

You deserve to be seen and celebrated.

Why boudoir?

…with extraordinary power

On its face, boudoir photography may seem like it’s for your partner (and if a gift is your goal, you can bet you’ll have a jaw-dropping album to hand over when all is said and done)—but at its core, it’s for you. Here, we help classic brides, moms, matriarchs—and every inspiring woman in between—find quiet confidence through images that are elegant, nuanced, and alive with the richest tones.

Intimate images


“She made me feel beautiful and kept everything so upbeat.”

What should I wear for a boudoir shoot?

From oversized blazers and Oxford shirts to simple lace sets, the options are endless—but my biggest piece of advice is to keep it simple and choose something you’re comfortable and confident in. You can learn more about what to wear to a boudoir shoot here.

What colors are best for a boudoir photo session?

Anything that doesn’t distract from your beautiful face is ideal—think neutrals, blacks, and earth tones. You can read more about the benefits of leaning into simplicity at your boudoir photoshoot here.

I’m not a bride—is hiring a boudoir photographer still right for me?

I can’t stress this enough—absolutely. Boudoir is ageless and for every woman. Context is also one of the things I aim most to capture: Whether you’re becoming, growing, celebrating, overcoming, healing, or standing firm—I love documenting all stages of the complex, evolving, and compelling lives women lead. You can read more about embracing boudoir at all ages and stages here.

Can I go nude or semi-nude for boudoir photographs?

Going semi-nude for a boudoir shoot is a great option for those who want to embrace simplicity. This allows me to shoot bodyscape images that capture the nuances of your silhouette in deep lighting, while still obtaining an incredibly elegant and timeless quality. You can see what a semi-nude bodyscape session looks like here.

Do you offer hair and makeup services?

We want to make sure you feel your absolute best for your shoot, which is why we always include a professional hair and makeup team as part of our boudoir package for those who wish to take advantage of it.

Can you make sure my boudoir photos feel classy and not…ahem, scandalous?

Listen—this is the South; we don’t do scandalous (at least not out in the open). Here, you can always expect boudoir photographs that feel inherently sexy while still remaining incredibly timeless, tasteful, and elegant.

It deserves to be documented with grace.

Your femininity is fierce.

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