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Destination wedding photographers based in Savannah, Georgia

Informed by legacy & inspired by the promise of your future

If you’re seeking generational heirlooms that forever make you feel the love—welcome. This is your place, and we’re your wedding photographers.

Yours is a life rooted in meaningful relationships. You’re seeking a trusted wedding photographer who knows how to let those special moments between you and yours unfold naturally while meticulously capturing the honest emotions behind every shared glance and raised glass.

Someone who understands: this love of yours thrives because of the friends and family who support it, shape it, and show up to celebrate it. Someone who brings a calming presence to your day and captures the connections that define it with endless care and grace.

Connections like yours deserve to be captured with deep care.

The Experience →

Our approach is rooted in bringing you a sense of calm, comfort, and confidence in front of our lens—so you can focus less on posing and more on remaining present.

…while we capture it intentionally

Savor the moment

You just may be right.

Have a feeling you’ve seen us somewhere before?

Get To Know Us →

With an extensive background in the art industry, honed technical acumen, and a deeply calming presence (Meredith)—and a whip-smart sense of humor that can break even the thickest ice (all Jason)—we bring a strong sense of balance to the way we capture you and yours. 

Here, you can expect both a fun-loving, laughter-filled time in front of our lens…and artful imagery alive with familial warmth as a result. Because, like you, we believe enjoyment and elegance can—and should—coexist.

Husband-and-wife film photographers who speak your language effortlessly and serve you graciously

We’re Meredith and Jason

Because a love like yours doesn't just call for photographs. It calls for heirlooms you can build heritage on.

We always unearth the details of your story before we ever start photographing your day. It’s our dedication to delivering art that stems from substance that ensures you end up with the kind of images you would never dream of letting die in a Dropbox folder.

Instead, we want you to walk away with images that warm your heart every time you pass them in the hallway. Images that buckle you over in laughter. Images that spark stories, transport you in time, and forever encapsulate the fleeting emotions of fresh love.

Your wedding photos should be, too.

Your story is rare and full of life.

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Let us help you preserve it.

The present is precious

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