January 10, 2019


Spiked Apple Cider Recipe | Signature Wedding Drink

Custom spiked apple cider drink for weddingsSpiked Apple Cider

Nothing says warm me up like apple cider, especially when the temperature dips down and a fire is going.  We are back again with our favorite mixologist Clair as she walks us through how to make the best apple cider we have tried. This drink is warm to touch and has so much potential to really customize it and make it your own.

A Twist on a Nostalgic Drink

Growing up, we had apple cider just about every Christmas and New Years. To this day the tradition continues and we still make it for all of our parties or for just my husband and I.  The great thing about this drink is that you can make it cold or hot for all year round. In addition, this drink can be made as a single-serve or in batches with a crockpot. For this reason, it can also make a perfect drink for a winter wedding.

One of the biggest tips Clair had is on serving the apple cider. If the apple cider is hot, make sure to serve it with wide mouth class. When a alcoholic drink is hot, the alcohol is intensified. Serving it in a wide glass will allow the alcohol to dissipate to ensure the smell is not to overpowering when you hold it up to take a sip.

If you are serving it cold, Clair recommends spiking the apple cider the night before and leaving it in the fridge. You can also add spices to the apple cider with your choice of apples or lemon wedges as well as cinnamon sticks or star anise. Leaving it overnight will allow the flavors to get into the apple cider for a more robust taste.

Spiked Cider Recipe

This recipe is by far one of our favorites. To get this recipe along with our other favorite holiday favorites, head to the video below or download the pdf with additional drink recipes in the show notes of our video.

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