As a military wife, I’ve moved countless times, and learned over the years to stay true to myself and build my brand to survive and thrive no matter where I lay my head at night.

Well I’ve been there, and I can help.

You are amazing at what you do, but struggling to make moves that further your business. You’re trying your darnest to grow and create a place for yourself in the evolving market. Or perhaps you’ve recently relocated and feel like you’re starting from the beginning all over again.

Dear creative... I want this for you. The ability to look an impending problem in the face and know that not only will you handle it but thrive through it.

Since repeating the process multiple times, I have seen my success with each new place we market to rather than the fear that used to hold me back.

I was unwilling to be defined by what others were doing and determined to create a business that suits my family and our lifestyle. And you can too.

The Restart Specialist

This is why I created

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Relocating a business as a military  spouse

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Oversaturation in the Wedding Industry

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