Top Summer Cocktails

Summertime calls for trips to the beach, bachelorette parties, and of course weddings. Often this also brings to mind a well-balanced custom cocktail to enjoy with friends and family. Today we are sharing our top summer cocktail recipes from our friends at Ghost Coast Distillery.

A light and fruity drink for the summer, and one of our favorites is the Pineapple Express. This is perfect for hanging out on Tybee island or sipping at brunch with the girls before shopping on Broughton Street.

Custom Wedding Cocktails

The days of a beer or glass of wine at a wedding are slowly disappearing and being replaced by custom wedding cocktails crafted with the couples favorite spirit of choice. One of the top summer cocktails for this is a simple blackberry shrub with vodka. Don’t want to make the blackberry shrub yourself? You can pick up a pre-made mix at liquor stores or directly from Ghost Coast.

Top Cocktails at Home

If you aren’t able to make it down to Savannah this summer for a trip to Ghost Coast to sample these and other top summer cocktails then head to the link below to download these and other recipes of great summer cocktails for your wedding or summer vacation.

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