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we are meredith and jason

She's two shots of espresso and steamed milk with cinnamon on top. He's simple black coffee and nothing else!  We are yin and yang always balancing each other out in life and in business.  Best friends since college and married for fourteen years, it feels like just yesterday that we said "I Do" in a tiny courthouse in Manhattan... Kansas that is.

I say it was the sweetheart dance...

He says we met in class

On my dresser sits a framed portrait of Jason and I dancing at our wedding.  It isn't perfectly poised or contrived but authentic and real.  It reminds me of our first dance twenty years ago at our college sweetheart ball.

We still laugh about that first dance because Jason had perfect timing while I had no sense of rhythm and two left feet. No matter how much time passes (without my dancing getting any better),

These simple moments are the ones we come back to and savor over and over again-- in the good, the bad, and the unexpected.

Life has definitely changed for us in beautiful ways that have matured us both with the addition of two kids. 

No matter what comes our way we still stop what we are doing the moment "Crazy Town" comes on the radio and dance in the middle of the kitchen, amidst a chorus of  laughter.

These are the moments we savor, tell stories about, and build our heritage on.  These are the stories we share when pull out wedding albums and folio boxes filled with prints of loved ones.

I still feel safe in his arms as he leads me through life's Adventures.

Whether it's your day one or day 2061, we believe you should have tangible memories like these to rest inside of and build a strong legacy upon. These photos are a starting place for what your family will cherish as it grows in numbers and roots down in love.

They are your reminder, whispering back as you look to your favorite memories perched on a the dresser,

I believe in preserving your present love story and letting it serve as an anchor point in the future, no matter what adventures it holds.

"you are never too far from where your love first began."

Kind Words


"Meredith was amazing! She is very knowledgeable and professional while being warm and caring. My husband and I are very happy with our decision to hire her. We would highly recommend her services!"

Colleen and Michael Gibson

Making our couples laugh to break the ice and any feelings of uncomfort.

Making our couples feel calm when wedding days can feel anxious and pressure-filled.

Talking the chef out of his 'secret recipe' at any restaurant we go to (we love them all!)

Asking for the dessert menu, because her sweet tooth always agrees with chocolate.

Grabbing tickets to the annual car show to 'ooh' and 'ahh' at expensive cars.

Heading to the art museum to experience the culture and beauty of old and new.

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