March 22, 2017


Bridesmaids Gifts

Gold and blush parasol bridesmaid gifts


Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

My love language to others is giving gifts, whether that is my time or a physical gift that they have been needing or wanting for awhile.  When it comes to finding ways to thank your sweet bridesmaids you may be stuck with the idea of matching robes or a bottle of wine, but I am here to encourage you to think outside the box . . . or maybe inside it.  Here is a round up of some of our favorite gift ideas for the wedding day.

Before the Wedding Day

Consider gifting your friends something that they can use before the wedding day such as a spa box.  One of our favorites comes from Teak and Twine.  These elegant boxes can be fully customized to suit your event or the colors of your wedding day.  We personally use them in our business and love the lush packaging and high end curation that these lovely ladies have sourced and designed.  What a great way for a busy bridesmaid to relax on a Friday night.

We also like the idea of a non-traditional bachelorette party.  We have had brides gather their best friends for white water rapid trips or cooking classes and with all the new arts and crafts classes popping up in the area, we think this gift provides the perfect opportunity to kick back, have fun, and learn a new skill, like creating an amazing floral centerpiece.

On the Wedding Day

On the day of your wedding, giving your bridesmaids  something that is useful or pretty to wear is always a good idea.  We have seen cute monogrammed robes, handmade hair clips, or even parasols like the image above.  These decorative Japanese umbrellas were perfect to block the hot June sun by the river but they also served a second purpose as elegant wedding props.  We also love the idea of a beautiful piece of jewelry.  One of our favorites for elegant items is Chloe and Isabel.

After the Wedding Day

I love a gift with purpose that has a lasting and far reaching effect on the community.  Last year I had a bride who walked down the aisle in the most glorious teal pair of TOMS wedding shoes.  We have also seen brides and bridesmaids wear Noonday Collection jewelry.  When you make a purchase to these companies it often employs women in third world countries, donates items back to communities at a 1:1 ratio and so much more.  We encourage you to think outside the box when you purchase a gift for your bridesmaids.  Do you have a unique idea of your own?  Share it below.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

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