March 23, 2017

An Anniversary Session with a Surprise

An Anniversary with a Surprise

Anniversary Sessions and Surprises

I once had a couple who had been married for 12 years tell me I was the first person to take a professional portrait of them since they had gotten married.  When I asked them why they had waited so long for an anniversary session, they said life just got in the way.  Ya’ll your story is far to precious not to have it documented.  I love that Erin and Mason took the time between busy schedules to stop and have portraits taken of them for their three girls as well as the little surprise that they got to announce as well.  One day that sweet soon to be born baby will get to look at these photos and laugh at the silly smiles on his or her big sisters faces.  They will get to see the way their daddy gazed adoringly at their momma and still does.

That is priceless.  I am the first one to tell you that wedding photos are vital as they document day one of your legacy but anniversary sessions continue that story line as I translate your images into family heirlooms for your children’s children.  Don’t wait 12 years to document that little smile or look of love.  Capture it now, in this moment, in this time.  Make sure you scroll down to see sweet Oakley and her wide range of facial expressions as the whole family shared their big news that come the fall there will be a new little one on the way.

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