Meet Meredith

I have a framed picture on my dresser of my husband and I during the first dance at our wedding. I'm laughing wildly as he's dipping me. We still laugh about the dance because my husband, has commendable timing while I have no sense of rhythm and two left feet. No matter how much time passes (without my dancing getting any better), I still feel safe in his arms as he leads me.

That photo is kept in plain sight as a reminder to us both, as we grow older, of the vow we made, "From now on, it's you and I. This is our day, the beginning of it all."

I believe your love story is a series of moments that are meant to be documented. Glances from across the room. Handshakes. First dances. A classic grin that doesn't weather with the years. That brief second where the ballroom hushes and love stands still.

These are the moments you'll come back to over and over again-- in the good, the bad, and the unexpected. Life has definitely changed for my husband in beautiful ways that have matured us both. My husband deployed for over a year just four months after we got married and those photos of us were what I clung to when the days were long and my heart felt heavy from missing him.

That's my favorite thing about these photos-- whether it's your day one or day 2061, you'll have tangible memories to rest inside of and build a strong legacy upon. These photos are a starting place for what your family will cherish about you as it grows in size and roots down in love. They are your reminder, whispering back as you look to your favorite one perched on a the dresser, "you are never too far from where your history of love first began."

I want to capture your day one. I believe in preserving your present love story and letting it serve as an anchor point to a sacred commitment that begins with, "I do."

Meredith Ryncarz

Owner | Photographer