May 13, 2016


Hunter Rain Boots and Strawberry Jam | Friday Favorites

Hunter Rainbows and Jam

Hunter Rain Boots

It seems like the last week went by in a blur.  We had so much fun spending time with family and friends and just being in the moment.  The one thing that became very clear this week though was that I need some rain boots now that we live in Virginia.  Having wet soggy shoes and socks make me cringe and as a photographer, slogging through fields means I need something cute that will keep my feet dry.  I am finally biting the bullet and purchasing a pair.  Warm, dry feet means a super happy photographer.  The added bonus is that Hunter Rain Boots come in so many pretty colors!  How will I ever pick?

Strawberry Jam Made from scratch

Strawberry Jam

I first made strawberry jam with one of my aunts about ten years ago.  We spent all day canning and while it was a hot sticky mess, we had a lot of fun.  This past week I had the joy of not only introducing it to my kiddos but a sweet friend and her family as well.  The kids washed and chopped the strawberries with a neat tool we found at Target while Jen and I boiled the fruit, sugar, and pectin.  The recipe from the Sure-gel box is so super simple and tastes great.

Strawberry Jam Making

Countdown to Summer

With the house smelling like a strawberry field over the past weekend, we were all looking forward to summer.  We are starting to make our bucket list of fun adventures to have in the midst of wedding season.  At the top of the list is always some new museum we have yet to explore.  Our oldest loves anything to do with science, history, or the Food Network so these are his go to choices unless video games are involved.  By about April or May we are all ready for sleepy summer mornings and lunch at the beach.  What are you favorite summer activities?

Smiling kid making jam


As passionate as I am about telling the story of your day, I am equally passionate about mentoring military spouse photographers.  Wednesdays are my mentoring days and it generally fuels me through Monday as I look forward to teaching.  It is a joy to see that spark of understanding and the fire of determination increase in someone who hungers to grow and strengthen their business.  Moving a business every three years doesn’t have to hinder your success.  You can totally rock it!

Snacks I love


When you are the mom of a toddler and a first grader, sometimes you forget to eat until it is to late.  Throw in a being a business owner and sadly coffee may be the only thing you ingest until dinner time.  To make sure that I take care of myself I keep some of the snacks on hand or in my purse.  Some are healthy and some are purely a reward for finishing a wedding album ahead of schedule or checking off all five things on my to do list.  Want to try some of these yummy treats for yourself?  Here you go:

For more randomness of things I love or adventures from our past week, check in with us each Friday as I share five of our favorite things from the week.

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