May 17, 2016

Surrender Field Couples Portraits

Surrender Field Portraits Yorktown All White Outfits

Surrender Field Portrait Session

Who doesn’t love it when the guy takes a step out of his comfort zone and plans a portrait session for his sweet girlfriend at Surrender Field in Yorktown.  I got a call from Joshua a few weeks ago explaining that he and his girlfriend Devi were both in the military and that he would be moving away soon.  This thoughtful southern gentleman knew exactly what she wanted, a portrait session in a romantic field.  Devi loves photography and while she does it as a hobby and creative outlet right now, she mentioned wanting to eventually do more with it.

Surrender Field Portrait SessionA Thoughtful Boyfriend

Not only does she love photography, she is also super photogenic!  I love those smiles and the way that they looked at each other.  As a military spouse, I know the value of photos and how precious they can be.  I hope Joshua’s sweet and thoughtful gift will make the distance between them a bit easier to handle.  Big kudos to Joshua for have a listening ear and planning this for her!

White Eyelet Dress Portraits at Surrender Field Yorktown

Surrender Field Photos Yorktown

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Want to see more behind the scenes of this photoshoot?  Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  We will be sharing more from this session throughout this week.

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