Shoes to Wear for a Wedding

Shoes to Wear for a Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I spent countless years looking for shoes to wear for a wedding that still looked cute without destroying my feet.  For the longest time I thought I was stuck just wearing ugly shoes until a friend told me about Tieks.

Tieks for a Wedding

I love cute shoes!  I loved the variety that Tieks has to offer and  thier packaging is cute.  However, I was not sold on the price.  After doing some research, I found that most people seemed to like their shoes and I decided to give them a try.  They took about two days to break in where they felt comfortable.  Then the stiches popped!

The broken sticthes didn’t mess with the ability for me to wear the shoes.  However, I was seriously irritated by that.  I found the shoes comfortable and decided to order two more pairs.  As we neared the summer though, I began to realize that they are horrible to wear to weddings.  Overall, the fact that the inner stitching on two of the three pairs popped and the shoes didn’t breathe, caused me to look elsewhere.

Rothy’s for a Wedding

One of my friends invested into a pair of Rothy’s when they first came out.  With my experience paying for Tieks, I was even more hesitant to buy any more high priced shoes.  However, she assured me that not only were they more comfortable but they were also breathable and washable.

I have now owned a pair for 8 months without them having fallen apart.  They are my favorite pair and I have literally worn them to every wedding and event since I got them.  If you want more of a comparison, check out the video below and if you decide you want your own pair, check out this link here for $20 off.

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