December 13, 2018


One Location on Your Wedding Day

One location on your wedding dayOne Location for a Wedding

On a wedding day, having your festivities at one location instead of three can go a long way to alleviate your stress, allow for more images of your wedding day, and allow for your guests to enjoy your wedding day more.  Now, you’re probably wondering how the number of locations you have to go to on your wedding day can affect all this but it can and here’s how.

One Location Alleviates Stress

One location on a wedding day alleviates stress by minimizing your travel time and the amount of logistics that go into planning for multiple locations.  Imagine running late on your wedding day and then finding yourself stuck in traffic on top of that as you rush to get to your ceremony location from your wedding day.

One Location Means More Pictures

Imagine getting ready at a hotel with a first look.  You are getting lots of beautiful photos only to stop, hop in a car and ride through traffic for thirty minutes to the ceremony.  That is thirty minutes of time you could be getting more photos with you, your groom, and best friends.  From there you have a beautiful ceremony but then have to hop back into traffic for another thirty minutes to head to your reception location.  That is a total of an hour of lost time in portraits, not to mention stress, and a disruption to you being able to just savor the day rather than feeling rushed.  Now, I know a lot of our brides biggest fears is getting ready at their ceremony location where the getting ready space is, shall we say, less than ideal.  We will tackle that in a bit.

Your Guests Experience

Have you ever been a bridesmaid or guest at a wedding where you have to run all over the place.  It’s not fun, especially if its in a large metro city with horrible parking.  On the flip side, imagine having your wedding in one location where your guests can savor your day, enjoy a cocktail, and not run all over the city.  They will thank you for the kind consideration later.

Fear of Ugly Locations

One of the biggest reasons we see brides end up driving all over the city is because of the fear of ugly getting ready locations.  As someone who is a huge Chip and Jojo fan, I totally understand the desire for beautiful spaces but imagine having a photographer who could find the beauty in any location and at the same time save you hundreds of dollars by avoiding the extra hotel fees and transportation fees.  It sounds like a win-win to me.

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