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When it comes to engagement sessions there are often a lot of frequently asked questions around having your portraits done. The most often asked questions revolve around even doing an engagement session all the way out to what to wear and how to avoid feeling awkward in front of the camera. Today we are not only going to share these questions as well as our answers to these engagement session FAQ.

Do I need an engagement session?

We always recommend having an engagement session for several reasons. The first being that we have never worked together before and this is the perfect time to get to know each other before the wedding day. This will also alleviate that awkward feeling in front of the camera as you gain confidence. Lastly, while you are going to love your wedding photos, they won’t be the only thing that you hang on your wall. An engagement session will offer that visual variety.

What if we don’t live in Savannah?

Savannah and the Low Country host hundred of destination weddings every year so I completely understand the concern about the logistics of getting an engagement session done if you don’t live here. This engagement session FAQ is easily answered with one word, travel.

Now I don’t necessarily mean that you as a couple need to travel to Savannah, though you certainly can. We travel multiple times per year throughout the US and will often meet up with our couples in these unique locations for a destination engagement session. We often find this is more fun as it provides a unique look and location to explore.

What should we wear?

This FAQ for engagement sessions is often one of the most nerve-wracking because it can make or break an engagement session almost as much as the location can, but more on that later. We love helping couples find the right outfits for their session and for this reason we provide an experience guide to best help navigate what to wear. For more outfit suggestions, check out our Youtube video here:

What if we are awkward?

A camera comes out and you instantly feel awkward? I totally understand! I actually feel the same way when I am in your shoes. For this reason, we have created some simple steps to break the ice and make you feel confident. In fact, you and your fiance might just forget that the camera is even there, allowing you just to focus on each other. Honestly, isn’t that one of the whole points of an engagement session… to fall more in love with each other.

What is the process for the session?

Once you are part of the MRP family, we will not only mail you a guide to figure out what to wear but we will also hop on a quick phone call to plan out the date, location, what to wear, and what to bring. We also love suggesting a fun place to grab dinner afterward. Once the images are done we will get together in the studio to help design any albums, wall art, or save the dates that you might need.

What to bring for your session?

We always recommend bringing the essentials with you like water and lipstick but if there is something really special to you both let us know. Things like a classic car, your horse, or even a sail boat are great options. This adds an additional layer of interest and personality into your portraits.

Where should we have our session?

We often get frequent questions about location. In fact, we even have a few additional blog posts both here and here on the topic. We always encourage our couples to first consider somewhere that is special to them. If there really isn’t one that comes to mind, we will offer not only a list of fun places but we will also let them in on a few places we have special access to. Ultimately, there are so many options so pick a place that you will enjoy exploring or being at again.

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