January 2, 2017


A Word for the New Year

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A Word for the New Year

Last year was the first year that I did not make a New Years Resolution.  Instead, I picked the word service as a guide for the year.  I chose that word based on training that I had received from the Arbinger Institute and a deep desire I had to focus on others and what their needs were, while using my business to meet those needs.  I found that by choosing a word for the year rather than setting a list of New Years resolutions that I was more successful at reaching my goals.

A Season of Service

This past year focusing on service taught me a lot and brought forward new ideas that will carry into 2017.  I found deep joy in helping people just because but it also brought forward two key lessons.  The first was that some people view service as a transaction.  We in our brokenness often feel like we have to have something to trade or bring to the table before we can receive what someone is offering to us.  It can cause us to question someones motives or avoid the offered gift.  Sweet readers,  this tore at me heart.  How often do we miss out on blessings and newly opened doors because of that fear that binds us.

Secondly, I also learned that sometimes serving isn’t really serving. Sometimes serving causes more friction than blessings and more harm than good.  There comes a time when those you have served might need to stand on their own feet to become strong on their own.  I have a natural desire to help, fix, and teach.  The concept of helping as not always being helpful was a new one to me.  However, sometimes the best way to help someone is to say no and allow them to grow in their own strength while removing the scaffolding and support structure that you have built.

The Word for 2017

I spent time in December trying to determine what I wanted the focus of 2017 to be.  I looked at the big goals for the year as well as what we also have projected for 2018 and what it would take to get us there.  There were a lot of words that that floated around such as reset, sprout, bloom, restore, and flourish.  Ultimately, the word DEVELOP embodied all of the plans, goals, and directions that we look to for 2017 not only for my business but for our family.  What will your word or focus for the year be?  Are you a New Years resolution type gal or a one word umbrella for the year?

  1. Karen

    January 19th, 2017 at 9:52 am

    Excellent thoughts! Before you even shared your word for 2016 I had been thinking of you as embodying service over the past few months. Both lessons you pointed out are ones I’ve been grappling with – thanks for putting words to concepts vaguely rattling in my mind. The word ABIDE came to the forefront as I pondered what 2017 may hold – to work from a place of rest, faithfully tending and cultivating with a heart of trust, relying on God for the outcome rather than my own efforts… Abide in His promises in all areas of life.

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