January 4, 2017

3 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

3 things to do after getting engaged diamond

3 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

Christmas and New Years Eve are some of the most popular times of the year for couples to get engaged.  It is the perfect time to celebrate a new engagement as well, but once he has popped the question, what do you do next?  We have 3 key things we think every engaged couple should do as well as some sage advice from one of our favorite wedding planners.

3 things to do after getting engaged diamond

Enjoy the Moment

I know this sounds insane in the age of social media but take an hour or a day just to revel in being engaged.  The moment you change your status to being engaged on social media, your attention will be drawn from focusing on your future husband to texting, commenting, and chatting on the phone with friends and family.  Live in the moment.  This is such a special time for you and your fiancé that I encourage you not to rush it.  How you carry this out and when you share the news is up to you but when we got engaged, we spent a a few hours just soaking in the joy of being together and talking about our future.

Set a Budget

Take a few weeks to just enjoy being engaged before doing any wedding planning.  Once you are ready to start planning,  sit down with your fiancé and plan a budget for your wedding.  The best wedding and marriage advice we received was to not enter into marriage deeply in debt.  Do some research on what weddings in your area cost and determine how much to invest into this day.  Here are a few suggestions from one of our favorite wedding planners in regards to this.  Once you have an idea of a budget, start determining a date.  We suggest planning a budget before a wedding date because if you want to invest more into your wedding day or desire to have a destination wedding, you may need more time to save for the day.


Set a Date

Sit down with your parents or any other key people that you feel are absolutely vital to your wedding and set a date.  When planning the date for your wedding consider that off season dates and week days are often less expensive than peak season and weekend dates.  Once your date is set, the real planning begins.  Want to know which wedding professional we think you should hire first?  Head here to find out.

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