December 29, 2016

Dating on a Budget | Newly Married Life

Dating on a budget newly marriedDating on a Budget

Even though you are now married, the importance of still dating your spouse is huge, however most newly married couples find that they are on a budget.  One of the biggest things my newly married brides have told me they struggled with was how to date while still sticking to a budget.  Here are a few things that we have done throughout our ten years of marriage to continue to date each other.

Preplan Your Date

I know sometimes its more romantic to have sporadic dates just because, but we often found that we went over our budget when we did this.  As a newly married couple it was vital that we were careful with our money.  Planning out dates once a month or more can also help you be a little more adventurous than the standard go to dinner and a movie.

Dating on a budgetBudget Friendly Date Ideas

We have listed some of our budget friendly date ideas for you to try out.  While we have tried most of them, some are still on our bucket list to do:

  • Make a gourmet meal at home: We love Blue Apron and it’s very diverse and seasonal recipes like the Soba Noodle Bowl pictured above.
  • Head to a local park: Depending on the season there will often be outdoor concerts, Christmas light displays, or athletic events to participate in.  These are usually either free or at a low cost.  Bring a blanket and a picnic.
  • Go to your local bookstore: Have a cup of coffee and flip through books or magazines
  • Go for a hike or a walk
  • Head to a festival: Look up in your local paper what events are coming up.  Where we are in Virginia there are constantly fun and often food related festivals to attend.
  • Volunteer
  • Explore local and regional historical sites

Have a budget friendly dating idea?  Comment below and share yours.

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