June 19, 2018


Whiskey and Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen gift and whiskeyWhiskey and Groomsmen Gifts

Finding the right groomsmen gift is hard sometimes.  There is always the standard cufflinks or socks but in the south, we believe every gentleman should be able to carry two things.  A hip flask filled with whiskey ( our drink of choice) and a good utility knife.  Recently the folks at Groovy Guy Gifts reached out to us to review a product from their site.  I will say it was a hard choice for Jason and I to make.  They have some pretty neat gifts that any guy would love.

We ended up choosing something they call the Box of Trust that included a cigar style box, hip flask, and utility knife, all engraved with Jason’s initials and our wedding date.  We loved the beautiful engraving on all of the items as well as the speed at which we received the box.  The slim fit and light nature of the flask allows for it to easily be carried in a back pocket or jacket during the wedding day.  It is just big enough to carry 6 oz of whiskey, perfect for drinking it on the rocks or in a whiskey sour.

We both loved the heavy feel of the utility knife and its sturdy construction.  The boys in our family are a bit snobbish when it comes to all things blades as they are ADDICTED to watching Forged in Fire together.  If you are struggling to find the right gift for the guys in your wedding party,  this is a great option to explore.



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