Hoover Randle House Bridal Shower

Hoover Randle Bridal Shower

Hoover Randle House Bridal Shower

Melissa and Robert came in from Texas to visit with her family for a joint bridal shower at Hoover Randle House.  As a family friend of the Randle’s, Melissa’s aunt helped coordinate a beautiful shower for this lovely couple.  

Since the wedding will be held later this year in Texas, Melissa’s grandparents will be unable to attend and it was incredibly important to her and her parents to be able to capture the generations present at the bridal shower.

During the shower, I took Robert and Melissa out front for a few romantic portraits in front of the stately Hoover Randle House as well as some photojournalistic shots of all the grandkids and extended family chatting and playing lawn games before a few formal portraits on the back patio with Melissa’s grandparents.  I love that Melissa picked this date for her bridal shower as it was also her parents wedding anniversary.  She later presented them with a sweet framed photo from their wedding day.

Best wishes and congratulations Robert and Melissa for your upcoming wedding later this year.


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