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Picking a Wedding Venue for your day

Picking the Right Venue

Modern weddings can forgo plenty of the typical wedding details, such as cake, dress, and suit. But it’s hardly possible to ignore the wedding venue. In one way or another, wedding venues tend to have a memorable effect on your wedding day and picking the right wedding venue is so vital.

Naturally, we tend to feel more connected to areas where we had memorable moments. So, it helps to pay attention when looking for the right wedding venue; whether it’s a restaurant, ballroom, garden, stunning barn or a stretch of beach.

Here are tips to help you during the search.

Consider Your Budget

With the influx of Pinterest and Instagram weddings, you’re likely to pick a venue based on what you see online. Some of the venues in such photos can be pretty expensive for your budget to accommodate.

Instead, be true to yourself by respecting your budget when comparing and picking the right venue. Well, you can spend slightly more than what you had planned as long as you don’t break the bank. Just to be on the safe side, try having a flexible budget to accommodate unexpected, but necessary expenses.

Layout of the Venue

If you want to have the ceremony, cocktails, and reception in one venue, you might to consider a venue that has, say three separate spots, for that. Or, you can work with flips, which offer a great way to use a single venue.

You’ll need to find out from the venue’s team how their flips work. The problem with flips is that they can have hidden costs. For example, the venue’s team might say you need to rent drape and pipe. But if the venue is large enough to support the entire wedding process, then you can find ways to design a layout that suits you.

Know Your Guest Count

Before choosing any venue, you need to know the number of guests you’re expecting attend your wedding. Keep in mind that your parents might also invite other people. Ideally, the venue should be large enough to hold all people on your guest list.

Don’t just have a rough idea of the expected guest count. For example, saying that you want a 100-guest venue will be a slip-up. You need to sit down with your partner and respective family members to create a guest list that your venue will comfortably accommodate.

Determine Availability

You might find the perfect venue for you wedding, but will be it be available to host your big day? Some couples will opt to pick a venue before setting the date for the wedding. This way, it’s flexible to book a venue and know it would be available on your big day.

Or, if you have already picked your wedding date, be sure talk to the venue’s team to confirm availability. The venue needs to be available for a bout a week before your wedding day to allow you to make timely arrangements and coordinate with your vendors if you don’t have a planner.

Know the Restrictions

Well, you might fall in love with a venue, but it might have restrictions. For example, some wedding venues might have their own vendors. This means that you’ll hire the entire venue’s team and equipment, and you may not have option of using real bourbon barrels as tables if you wanted to. If you can work with this arrangement, then some venues can offer discounts.

Be sure to inquire about the use of fireworks, candles and decorations as some venues might restrict them. Other venues don’t allow kids, and this might affect guests with children. There are venues that will want you to pay to lift some of these restrictions, such as decorating the venue in manner you want.

Review the Package

If you pick a venue that offers wedding packages, it’s necessary to look at the details of the package. Ideally, you want to know what’s included with renting the venue. This is particulary important if you have opt for a full-service package.

Venues with chairs, tables, and linens might cost more upront than those without. Also, look at the cost of in-house catering and the type of foods and beverages they have. Most will work with you to ensure they have the supplies you want for your big day. 

If they have several packages, compare them side and by side together with the option of having your own vendors.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right venue affects the general vibe of a wedding, and it can make or ruin your big day. So, take the time to find the right venue; some couples book venues as early as two years before their wedding date.

Whatever option works for you, be sure to get a venue that will accommodate your guests and deliver the optimal experience for your wedding day. If you have a wedding planner, work with them to find the right spot to marry the love of your life.

A big thank you to Honeyfund for their guest blog post this week. If you are planning an outdoor venue in the Low Country then make sure you check out our blog post here.

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