December 6, 2018

Irish Wedding at Avondale

Irish Wedding at Avondale

When Marie first contacted us about her wedding at Avondale Brewing, she wanted to make sure it was fun and family centric.  With most of her side of the family coming across the pond from Ireland, this was the perfect relaxed setting for their wedding day.

Marie and Jared opted for a first look in front of the large elephant mural at the back of the brewery due to its significance and connection to Marie’s mother who had passed away.  It was filled with whoops of joy from their family who may have snuck out on the back stairwell to catch a peek.

A Receiving Line Irish Style

After some romantic portraits, it was time for a different version of the receiving line.  Jared and Marie wanted their guests to feel welcomed and connected to each other so as they came in to be seated for the ceremony they hugged them and introduced her family to his.  Before long everyone was laughing and chatting as if they had been life long friends.

“I Do” at Sunset

As Marie walked down the aisle to Jared, the sun set through the windows with the richest hues of oranges and blues . . . what more could a War Eagle fan ask for.  Framed on either side with paintings of Alabama and Ireland, they said I do and then spent the rest of the evening, like any good Irish wedding with dancing, toasting, and laughter.

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