July 16, 2019


Monogrammed Groomsmen Gifts

Monogrammed Groomsmen Gifts

If you have followed us for any amount of time then you know that we are pretty serious about our whisky!  I mean nerd level serious about it.  So when we were asked to review a gift from Groovy Groomsmen, we knew we needed to check out their custom monogrammed decanter set.  This is the perfect gift for your best man and scotch or bourbon lover.  With custom engraved Glencairn style tulip glasses it will elevate any home bar. Complete the gift with our favorite bar recipe book from Clair Mclafferty and her Ward 8 Cocktail.

Groomsmen and Bourbon Flights

If you still are trying to find the favorite bourbon or just need a night out with the guys, then I suggest you head down to a favorite spot of mine in Savannah called Toasted where you can sample over 40 bourbons to find your favorite to fill that glass etched decanter at home.

For more groomsmen gifts like this one head to Groovy Groomsmen and check them out because your best friend deserves something better than the standard boring guy gift.

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