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Bridal Bouquet Trend Interview

I recently sat down to interview Christy Griner Hulsey about the bridal bouquet trends of Savannah and it’s wedding scene as a whole. If you are not yet familiar with Christy and her work as the creative director of Colonial House of Flowers then you need to be. Her use of textures and color in her bespoke weddings creates an atmosphere of whimsy and grace. She has been featured on Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart Weddings, Pottery Barn, and named the 2017 Mayesh Design Star.

What makes Savannah unique?

 There seems to be more weddings than there are wedding vendors and everyone is very supportive of each other.  There is such a recent flux of tourism as Savannah has become a destination for events and bespoke weddings.  Couples are coming from out of state to have a quintessential Southern wedding.

How Does This Affect Bridal Designs?

Destination brides usually have a larger budget for their florals and bouquets. These brides are typically paying for the wedding themselves and have a luxury based style that is on trend.  They love the southern hospitality and extra attention that they get in the Savannah area. While our destination brides might be having a small intimate wedding, it is still bespoke and high end.

Bridal Bouquet Trends in Savannah

In the Savannah and surrounding area we are seeing smaller and more bespoke intimate weddings.  For me this is more rewarding as a trend. We recently had a reception at the Garibaldi and the couple could have all the little extras because it was more couture and small.

This year and next I think the Coral Charm Peony is going to be big. With the Pantone color of the year being Living Coral this has an affect on that but there is also a shift to less washed out color palettes.  We are going to see more color in bouquets instead of greens, whites, and neutrals.  

Favorite Thing About Savannah Weddings

I love how relaxed the market is unlike some more metropolitan cities.  The people in Savannah  . . everyone knows everyone else.  People are really nice and supportive of each other.  This translates to our brides having a more joyful and fun experience as their vendors get along so seamlessly.

Top Tip for Brides

First choose the photographer and then pick the florals for your bouquet because that photographer needs to speak your language and appeal to you.  I would rather their day be captured well and adjust from there. I am a very visual person and photographs are so important in conveying their day as well as our floral design work.

Favorite Wedding Venues and Vendors 

I just love the Oldfield Plantation as well as the Garibaldi but Savannah has some amazing venues in and around the city. When it comes to wedding planners, I love them all . . . they are all amazing in their own way. It makes my job so much easier when a planner is involved. I also think Hustle Blow Dry Bar is amazing. They have been really growing and doing some awesome things in their space.

Connect with Christy

We loved getting to chat with Christy about the floral design trends in the Savannah market as well as some of her favorite things about the surrounding area. You can follow her most recent work on Instagram here as well as on her website at Colonial House of Flowers. We look forward to collaborating with her again soon. To see more bridal trends head here.

Workshop images by Jeremy Chou, Nicole Clarey, and Josh Morehouse

  1. This is delightful. Thank you for the interview!

  2. Kim Ward says:

    I have been following Christy for awhile. We had messaged sometime last year about work history. I love her pictures and her work. I have been in the floral industry since I was three years of age. Grew up in my mother shop and this January marks my 25th anniversary as A Southern Wedding Flower in Ranburne Alabama. I do several weddings a year. I want to attend a workshop soon to update myself and get one on one with others not around my area so that I can have a refresh in different things.

    • Christy says:

      Hi Kim,

      Your words are lovely. As the universe would have it they fall on ears when I need it most. Thank you for taking the time to comment on Meredith’s blog. And, Meredith thank you fo your kind interview. We moved to Roswell, Georgia last August as I am in Atlanta. I restructured Colonial House of Flowers and brought it with me! I hope we can connect in the year ahead. Have a great day!

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