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FLorist or Floral Designer

Hiring a Florist

My stepmother and her sister owned a florist shop when I got married and I was very blessed that they did all of the flowers for my wedding.  Because they personally knew me, they stepped more into the role of floral designer than that of a florist.  While they listened to me in regards to the colors of my wedding, I had no input or say into what my bouquet or centerpieces looked like.  When considering whether or not to hire a florist be aware of the following:

  • Most florists will stick to a pre-formatted formula and simply change out the colors of the flowers
  • Most florists deal in high volume and quicker turn around times
  • Florists usually operate out of a physical location
  • Unless you have been a loyal customer for awhile, there is usually less attempt to build a personal understanding of your event

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Hiring a Floral Designer

For our vow renewal I knew without a shadow of a doubt who I wanted to design and create the bouquet and centerpieces for the event.  I wanted someone who was willing to understand and communicate the theme and feel of our day through floral design.  When hiring a floral designer be aware of the following:

  • Unlike florists, a floral designer will not give you a final quote when you meet with them initially.  They have recipes and designs to build that are unique to your day.  There is no formatted formula
  • Floral designers tend to be more invested in knowing who you are and the details of your wedding
  • Floral designers are often involved in creating the overall aesthetic of your day and often work hand in hand with your planner.

When looking to meet with a floral designer, come prepared with color palette ideas and a general budget in mind.  This will help them to have a starting place for their design.  Always remember that the flowers help create the overall look and feel of the wedding and can help set the mood for your day.

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