April 27, 2017

Save versus Splurge | Feels Like Home

Splurge vs steal decoratingSave vs a Splurge

Creating a home together is a fun, optimistic chapter in your newlywed story. However, creating a home that feels like home can quickly change from exciting to overwhelming when the costs add up and you are maybe just starting out. How can you express your style and yet spend wisely?

Saving Money

As newlyweds, we decided to “save money” and furnish the house with seemingly affordable Ikea products. Two years later and a move left us with everything falling apart and we had to invest all over again. We ended up spending twice what we intended because we weren’t selective about how we allocated our budget the first time. When it comes to long term, highly used items like furniture, this is where you should assign priority. Accents and décor are much easier to replace, so considering spending less (or later) on these.

Come to an Agreement

In eleven years of marriage we have learned to splurge on a dining set that is reliable and sturdy because of the amount of family activities and quality time spent around it.  In your list of things to invest in, I would suggest good comfy couches and a mattress that gives you the best sleep possible.

Consider saving on the “pretty” things like accent pieces, frames, lamps, and vases. Target sales, flea markets, and thrift stores offer great discoveries and a can of spray paint can do amazing wonders for very little money.  Consider assigning a smaller budget to these items as your tastes may change and in the near future you can slowly replace these details with more high-end options.

Remember, this isn’t only your first chance to create your style as a couple, this is also your first opportunity to build financial wisdom and stewardship together. What may seem like a cheap purchase now may come back to haunt you in a year or two when it falls apart and does not last the length of time you wished it had.

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