April 20, 2017

Spring Cleaning | Feels Like Home

Spring clean newly married feels like home

Make it Feel Like Home

After being shut in the house all winter with windows shut, one of my favorite things to do is spring cleaning.  We fling open the windows and go from room to room pulling things out from closets, cabinets, and drawers in order to minimize clutter and bring renewed life to the house.  I didn’t always do this and one year the clutter just kind of overwhelmed me.  As a married couple, we both realized how much we desire clean, neat, and organized spaces.  With two kids now, that doesn’t always happen but we still do a spring cleaning.  Not sure how to start your own?  Here are a few things we love to use.

Setting Goals for a Mental Spring Cleaning

I love lists, goals, and charts and have since I was a little kid.  Whose with me on the gold sticker charts from childhood?  These Powersheets are my grown up version of this and funny thing is, they come with stickers.  This planner helps me to monthly and seasonally set big and small goals to help keep me and my house on track.  For the spring as we face a move, it has been incredibly helpful in mentally cleaning out all the clutter in my busy brain.  Once that is in order, I find myself to be much more productive in making my home feel like a home.

Feels Like Home Series

Get Down to Business

Whether you use standard cleaning products or prefer the more natural and organic route, gather up all the supplies you need and sit down with our spring cleaning list to get started.  We love using essential oils to clean not only for the lack of harmful ingredients but also the amazing smells that linger in the house.  Remember to start small and try not to marathon clean or you will find yourself grumpy and tired.  We pick a room a week to deep clean and work together as a family to get it all done.  By the end, the clutter is gone and the house is nice and sparkly.


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