March 6, 2018


Chattanooga Engagement Session

Chattanooga Engagement

Kelly and Ben first met at Dear Run, a summer camp where they were working.  They often would be asked to work retreats throughout the year and during Christmas break, she and Ben headed up there to do just that.  Kelly started to get a bit suspicious when there were no other cars there except a few coworkers.  They headed to the area of camp they first met at and Christmas lights were hung everywhere.  Ben led her to the stage and began talking about how they met and he promised to always love her forever. Then he got down on one knee and asked her if she would do the same – love him forever.

Their coworkers came out after she said yes and congratulated them.  They had been taking pictures behind the stage and had been in on the whole thing.  Afterwards they went and celebrated with family.

Chattanooga Engagement Portraits

Last week, I headed up to meet Kelly and Ben near Chattanooga for their engagement pictures.  Having known Kelly since she was born, we took some time to chat about all things wedding and I got to see the heirloom dress she is considering wearing for her wedding day (It’s GORGEOUS by the way).  We then headed down to Renaissance park in Chattanooga for their portraits.  I loved that they wore their Deer Run t-shirts as one of their outfits since that is not only where they met but where Ben proposed.

He Said, She Said

I always love asking my couples their favorite things about each other.  It shines a light into who they are.  When I asked Ben, this is what he said . . “I love how everyday she brings me closer to God. Whatever we talk about leads us to Him. That, and she is so honest and understanding. We can talk openly about anything and do, and it’s great.”  When I asked Kelly, she shared that “His top priority is his relationship with God. He is goofy, fun, and very honest. We are able to talk about anything and he does not shy away from difficult conversations. He is so loving and shows it very well. He’s a gamer and a nerd, and so am I!”

Kelly and Ben, I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in September with all the special heirloom touches.



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