March 13, 2018

Outward Mindset

Outward Mindset

From an explanation of inward mindset last week to a much more positive look at the glories of outward mindset this week.  As you learned last week having an inward mindset can go from a beautiful day about family and marriage to a rain cloud of a “me, me, me” pity party.  That is probably not the way you planned for your wedding day to go.  There is another way with the outward mindset.

The outward mindset, in its simplest terms means that you are aware of the impact you have on other around you. Most importantly, though, I have a connection to the people around me. Regardless of their political views, religion, or any other dicey topic we all have one thing in common: we are human beings. Whether we like it or not, we are human beings with

dreams, desires, challenges, upsets and triumphs.

In this connection we can find common ground and most importantly a common connection. In all situations we thrive on connection rather than disconnection. You have the impulse and need to help others and how you have been wrong or caused problems in situations.

Now that we have discussed both mindsets lets go back to our example we used in the last blog post. So just a review. Your wedding day is progressing and you find out your florist will be about 45 minutes late. So, lets pause and think about this situation for a moment. How do you feel? What are the thoughts going through your head? What are your thoughts about the florist?

We discussed last week how you would look at the florist in an inward mindset, so now we will look at the florist from an outward mindset. Lets first be realistic about this situation, I can’t think of one bride who would not be frustrated with this.

You have been planning this day for months or years and this detail could curtail your whole event. That is stressful. Looking at this from a mindset perspective, how will my reaction affect the florist? Imagine if you walked up to them and said” how can we help.” How will this simple gesture be perceived. Maybe the florist team will work harder and get your wedding back on track.

Now think how you would act in an inward mindset? Next week we will look at a tool we can use to help guide our mindsets from inward to outward.

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