Burying the Bourbon at HollyOaks

Styled Session for a southern tradition of burying the bourbon in Savannah with florals

Burying the bourbon ahead of your wedding is truly a southern tradition. While there is much argument about where the custom originated and what bourbon is best, some say Tennessee while others swear by Kentucky, there is no arguing that the superstition holds for a reason.

How to Bury the Bourbon

While there is an argument about where this tradition originated the facts stand firm on the how and the why.

  1. You must bury the bourbon upsidedown one month to the day from your wedding.
  2. It must be a full bottle . . . no sneaky sips beforehand
  3. It must be at your wedding venue

If done correctly the myth goes that the couple will have exceptional weather on the day. Many venues are now offering Bourbon Gardens in order to not accidentally dig up another couple’s bottle. These are often set aside with cute markers in a safe space that won’t be run over by the lawnmower.

Digging up the Bourbon

The newly married couple will often opt to dig up the bourbon after the wedding ceremony and enjoy a sip with their wedding party. However, unlike the burying of the bourbon, digging it up has no hard and fast rules other than making sure the bride doesn’t get dirt on her dress . . .

HollyOaks Bourbon Garden

Recently we met with Kelly and Mitchell at HollyOaks on the Marsh to photograph them burying the bourbon while they were in town from New York. In just a short time they will be celebrating their own wedding here looking out over the views from the back lawn. A big thank you to Stephanie Maupin, Swanson Signature Events, and Kati Esser for putting this lovely experience together. We can’t wait for their big day.

Florals for a styled burying the bourbon session
liberty pole bourbon
Cut crystal decanter of bourbon in savannah
bury the bourbon a month before your wedding
Engaged couple getting ready to bury the bourbon
HollyOaks on the Marsh Bury the bourbon before the wedding
bourbon garden at hollyoaks
Liberty pole bourbon buried in bourbon garden
hollyoaks bury the bourbon

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