What to Wear for a Boudoir Session

One of the biggest questions we get from our clients is what to wear for their boudoir session.  The first and most important rule is that if you don’t love it, leave it at home.  If you are questioning wearing it, the likelihood of you liking your images is slim. So, what should you wear for a boudoir session?

It doesn’t have to be lingerie

So often, when one thinks of boudoir it is synonymous with lingerie, but boudoir should never be a cookie-cutter experience.  Have a favorite vintage t-shirt? Pair it with a cheeky bottom.  Love dancing? Put a bra with a sheer skirt to twirl in.

Avoid the busy

If you do go the lingerie route avoid anything overly patterned or neon in color.  These styles tend to distract from your natural beauty.  Instead aim for neutral colors, pinks, greens, and reds.

Don’t forget the structure

When considering what to wear for boudoir, sometimes a structured piece offers an effortless and chic option for that “just woke up like this” look.  Suit jackets, oxford shirts, or even a bodysuit.

Keep it Simple

While shirts, sheets, scarves, and bras are perfect for your boudoir session always keep it simple.  Avoid props and anything that doesn’t make sense to who you are.

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