Favorite Images of 2017

Favorite Alabama Wedding Images2017 Favorite Images

This 2017 wedding season was amazing for so many reasons but the biggest was the couples that we were able to serve.  We worked with some of the most hospitable, kind, and loving people out there and have been blessed to keep in touch with many of our past clients as their legacies have grown . . not only in new towns but also as some are adding new additions to their families this year.

To honor them, we put together some of our most favorite wedding images on the blog today (it was hard to pick) and are also sharing them on Facebook where you can go and participate in a little contest.  Make sure you go and like the page and then vote for your favorite image by liking it.  The contest is open until New Years Day at 1pm when we tally up the votes and announce the winner of a 16 x 24 canvas from us.Estate Wedding Blush and IvoryPlantation Wedding with PeacocksMarine Corps Country Club WeddingHistoric Waterfront WeddingWinery Wedding in Blush and MerlotIndian Wedding with Teal accentsRailroad Park Fall WeddingBlack Tie Estate Wedding


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What to Wear // Elegant Portraits

Rent the runway red lace dressWhat to Wear for Portraits

Elegant portraits are some of my favorite types of sessions to capture next to weddings.  This elegant Mt. Laurel session was one such session for a local photographer who is brilliant at capturing musicians.

When it comes to portraits like this, I love the ability to give people a moment to see themselves as they truly are, beautiful and in love.  One of the biggest concerns for couples is what to wear for these sessions.  The easiest suggestion is to pick something you love and feel great in but,  that suggestion sometimes falls a bit short of the mark.

Where to Shop for Clothes

Personally I love to shop from places that I know provide great customer service and will have something beautiful and classic with a slight modern twist.  One of my favorite new places to shop is Wren and Ivory for their wide range of dresses with pockets and feminine patterns.  Here are a few more that I love:

  • Trunk Club:  Provides a high end customer experience and items that are beautiful and uniquely tailored to you.
  • Stitch Fix:  Similar to the concept of Trunk Club but less hands on customer experience
  • Versona:  Reasonably priced clothing with a good mix of classic, romantic, and modern
  • Rent the Runway:  One of the best places to get a elegant and romantic dress without the heavy price tag.

First and foremost find something that you love and then shop for your fiancé or husband second.  Find an outfit that compliments yours but that doesn’t match exactly in color or pattern.  To much matching draws the attention away from who you both are.


Keep in mind that most photographers will not only capture close up images of you but also full length images.  Accessories and shoes act as the icing on the cake when it comes to picking out what to wear.  Watches, earrings, belts, scarves, and hats are all great items to consider.

Still Not Sure What to Wear

I didn’t ever realize how stress picking an outfit was until we had our own anniversary session about 5 years ago.  I waited till the week of the session which added to my stress level.  Here are my best tips for avoiding that stress:

  • Plan ahead of time, usually 2 – 3 weeks will allow you to make sure everything fits and looks great together
  • Lay it out on a couch or bed and snap a photo of it.  Often looking at a photo of it will help you decide
  • Lastly, just ask.  We love helping our couples through this and not only provide printed examples of this but also encourage our couples to send images of what their wearing.  This way, you can walk into your session with confidence.

Happy Session Planning.

Laughing couple wearing Rent the Runway Red Lace GownCute dog with lace red dressCouple with girl wearing gold sequin dressElegant portrait with gold sequinsRomantic sunset holiday portrait

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How to Plan Your Engagement Session

Planning your engagement sessionPlan Your Engagement Session

We love engagement sessions and we love planning them even more.  This is the first time we generally get to spend time getting to know you as a couple outside of our initial meeting.  As a brand focused on telling your story we want your engagement session to reflect who you are, so here are a few tips to help you plan.

Picking a Location

I always recommend choosing a location first before doing any additional planning for the session.  We have quiet a few favorites in the local Birmingham area but there are also a few that we love as destination locations.  Here are a few of the ways we suggest picking a location:

  • A location with a lot of meaning to you as a couple – first date, where he proposed, where you met
  • A location that has a certain look that you love – botanical gardens, the beach, an estate
  • A location you have been dreaming of visiting – Asheville, Charleston, Disney, New York City
  • A shared hobby – cooking together, hiking, visiting an art gallery

What Time

This is always a hard one to answer so quickly because it depends not only on the location but also the time of year.  Here is the great thing though, we have been doing this so long that once you have a location and date picked, we can easily pick the time that will give you that glory romantic golden hour look you are just gonna love.

What to Wear

Next to a location, what you wear can set the whole tone of your session.  I recommend picking something you feel amazing in and then picking an outfit for your fiancé next.  Not sure what to pick, not to worry . . part of our whole experience includes a what to wear guide with lots of suggestions and examples placed inside our 78 page custom wedding magazine.  Want to know more about our whole wedding experience?  Make sure you are signed up for our newsletter below.

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Mt. Laurel Engagement in the Fall

Fall Engagement Session Couple Kissing

Mt. Laurel Engagement

I have been dreaming of a Mt. Laurel engagement session for awhile.  This darling town is one of my favorites that I have happened upon.  Will and Alayna drove out from Louisiana where they both live to meet me at Mt. Laurel for their engagement session right before Thanksgiving.  Will had just finished coaching his team on to a championship and despite having almost completely lost his voice, he did an amazing job posing in front of the camera with Alayna wrapped in his arms.  When I asked what his favorite thing was about her, he said her compassion and she mentioned how much she loved how passionate he was about his career as a high school teacher and coach.  As a former teacher, I loved chatting with them both about their experience working with students.  I can’t wait for their summer wedding in downtown Birmingham.

When I met Alayna, one of the first things that stood out to me was her love or romance and legacy.  She told me how she had always wanted an heirloom estate engagement ring because she loved the idea of wearing a ring that had already been so cherished before her.  Will did a little research and happened to have found a beautifully unique estate ring that she had her eye on for awhile and secretly purchased it.  Make sure you scroll down to see her incredibly engagement ring, it truly is divine.

Last July Will made reservations at an Italian restuarant and Alayna became a bit suspicious when a “complimentary” dessert came to their table.  It turns out the dessert was simply conveniently timed and was truly complimentary.  After dinner the drove to Vulcan to look out over the city.  Will began discussing the first time they met and they laughed about some of the memorable experiences they had had.  Without missing a beat, Will dropped to one knee and asked Alayna to marry him.  After Alayna said yes, they were met by friends and family there to celebrate and capture the moment.  Afterwards they drove downtown to celebrate with them all.

Portrait of engagement sessionHeirloom engagement ringCouple snuggling in the woodsCouple walking in fall leavesElegant and romantic engagement sessionHeirloom engagement ringromantic dressy engagementDancing in a red dressDressy Mt Laurel engagementHeirloom ring on red leaf

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November Recap

Pumpkin Pie and NovemberNovember was Busy

By far November has been one of our busiest months here in the MRP Office.  We have been busy wrapping up the 2017 wedding season with an elegant Veteran’s Day Wedding and two engagement sessions, an anniversary session, and a family session that saw us travel from Atlanta all the way down to Ozark.  We had some major things happen behind the scenes, one of which was bringing on an amazing office manager.  I won’t fully spill the beans yet on that one but . . I am truly excited.

New Favorites

Jason and I discovered some new favorite restaurants together including Antico, thanks to a visit with Kelly and her husband Chris.  I found a new favorite cocktail called the Pimm’s Cup at Five while grabbing drinks with Becky of Becky’s Brides.  Now you know that a list including food related items can’t be complete without a little something sweet.  If you haven’t been out to Seed’s and had the brown butter doughnut, you need to check it out.

Rounding out the Month

While it was a busy month, it was certainly one filled with joy, excitement, and of course food.  I can’t wait for next month, next to October it’s my favorite but for now, I am just soaking up these last days of fall.  This weekend the Christmas tree goes up . . who else is spending December 1st decorating?

Best buddies huggingSilly Kids

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