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Whether you’re wondering how many hours of wedding photography you need, curious about the benefits of film versus digital, or unsure of how to style yourself for an upcoming engagement shoot—you’ll find all of the honest insight and helpful tips you need to look and feel your best in front of our lens, right here in our Journal.

anonymous boudoir showing only the legs

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I love and hate anonymous boudoir sessions.  I didn’t realize that I did until I started to write a blog post championing the concept of a boudoir session that was more incognito in fashion.  I have photographed boudoir on and off for years, having originally started it as part of my thesis work in art […]

detail of brides dress

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Weddings have long been seen as the pinnacle of traditional celebration, filled with rituals, white gowns, and meticulous planning. However, a new movement is gaining momentum: the anti-bride trend. This trend is not about rejecting marriage but redefining what it means to have a wedding. It’s about authenticity, individuality, and breaking away from convention. Exploring […]

Coastal blue and white wedding with cake

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Embracing the custom monogram is something many southern couples still opt to do to this day. It can add a touch of elegance and cohesion to the event from the Welcome Party through to the Sunday Brunch Send-off . Traditionally used for invitations and stationery, wedding monograms have evolved to play a more prominent role […]

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In a world where self-expression and confidence reign supreme, the realm of boudoir stands as a powerful avenue for individuals to celebrate their unique beauty and cultivate self-assurance. It’s not merely about capturing sensual images; it’s a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and owning the space you inhabit. Boudoir sessions have evolved far beyond their origins. […]

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Celebrating a milestone as significant as a 10th-anniversary calls for something truly special. For Lauren Pendelton, commemorating a decade of love and shared experiences with her husband, Will, took on an unforgettable dimension through a captivating anniversary session at the stunning Ford Field and River Club where they were married a decade earlier. Nestled in […]

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