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Whether you’re wondering how many hours of wedding photography you need, curious about the benefits of film versus digital, or unsure of how to style yourself for an upcoming engagement shoot—you’ll find all of the honest insight and helpful tips you need to look and feel your best in front of our lens, right here in our Journal.

film photography

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From our clients to seasoned photographers, more and more people are turning back to film photography and discarding the digital camera for a more nostalgic form of preserving memories.  Kodak even came out with their new 35mm camera this year.  Film photography is an art form that has been around for over a century.  With […]

Bridgerton Real Wedding in South Carolina

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We are looking back at Morgan and Zack’s wedding at Haig Point on May 21, 2022. How Morgan and Zack Met Morgan and Zack began their romance in college, where they met outside of their dorm room freshman year. They later attended the same party, where they got to know each other better and officially […]

Meredith Ryncarz Photography Boudoir Photographer

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Once you have booked your boudoir session, you might think any nervousness will disappear, but having the date looming can still give you some jitters. I even had these feelings when I had my session. Some of the things we hear often are: I am not in shape. I don’t like photos of myself. I […]

South Carolina Wedding Photographer

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Tom and Sami tied the knot at the stunning Oldfield River Club in April of this year with Bridgerton inspiration. How They Met It was a twist of fate that these two met. Sami was working that day and had plans with her roommates, but when they backed out, she decided to attend a party […]

black and white boudoir session

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After your boudoir session is wrapped, it is important to know what steps to take next. We are sharing a few frequent questions we get once we have finished with your boudoir shoot. Don’t Waste Your Hair and Makeup When you have a boudoir session, you look and feel fabulous with your hair and makeup, […]

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