January 23, 2018


What We Wear to Your Wedding

What we wear on your wedding dayYour Wedding and What We Wear

So the other day, I had a conference with one of my brides and she asked a very unique question that caught me off guard a little bit,

“ What will you wear to our wedding”?

I was very surprised and inquired why she wanted to know. She proceeded to tell me that she had gone to a friends wedding and was concerned by what the photographer was wearing.

The picture she painted of what this photographer was wearing was not pretty and included Ugg boots, leggings, and a sweater. She was concerned about the picture this sent to her guests, family, or other members at the wedding? What picture does it paint of my profession.  It probably says “Hi, I rolled out of bed this morning and am too lazy to get ready for one of the most important days of your life”.  So today I am answering that question here.  As a newer photographer, there were lots of blog posts about what to wear for your family portrait session but when it came to a wedding, we just went with what we would want someone to wear at our wedding.  Something that was unobtrusive and met with our values.

We want what we wear on our wedding day to never distract from the most important people in the room.  We traditionally wear very conservative clothing on a wedding day. Typically our outfits match our brand and consist of:

  • Traditional clothing with classic lines, understated patterns, and traditional colors ( Jay Crew, Nordstrom’s, and Anne Taylor Loft)
  • Tea length skirts with pockets (photographers best friend)
  • Dresses that fit the style of your wedding day without drawing attention
  • Slacks and a dress shirt
  • My favorite shoes: Tieks

This wardrobe directly reflects the values we hold dear to our business. It is functional, which allows us to move and capture the best images for our brides and grooms. Most importantly, it is an extension of our belief system that we are there to serve the bride on her wedding day and not draw undo attention to ourselves. In addition, the way we dress shows the level of respect and professionalism we want to bring with us on your special day. Over time, as fashion has evolved, we believe that classic trumps modern every time.

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