Wedding Design Session

Wedding Design Session

Design sessions are an integral part of your wedding experience with us. We believe that your memories don’t deserve to live on a computer. Because of that belief, we provide a design session for each of our brides after their wedding day. This is a time where you get to see your images for the first time and relive all the moments of your wedding day. Then comes the most exciting part which is selecting which images to put in your heirloom album.

What to Expect the Session

One of the first things we will do after scheduling your design session is to ask for you to consider where you want to hang your gallery wall art. This may seem a bit stressful but I promise, we got ya! During the design session we will show you multiple options based on the decor and color scheme of your home.

Wedding Album Design

Once you arrive at the design session, we will view your preliminary album layout first as we feel that is the best way to tell the full story of your day in print. From there you will get to decide which luxury fabric you like and how many pages you want. I will say this part is one of the hardest points of the design session, but we are there to guide and advise you . . so no worries.

Heirloom Wall Art

After you have picked color, size, and spreads in your album, you will pick which of your favorite images to turn into heirloom wall art. From metals, acrylics, canvases and more we will advise you on what pairs best with your decor and design style of your home. Once you get it home, it is incredibly simple to hang. To see, check out this video we made.

Don’t Forget Your Family

As much as you are excited about seeing your wedding day portraits, your parents and extended family are equally as excited. Make sure to not only invite and include them in the design session as well as when you consider which images to print.

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