Should You Plan a Micro Wedding

There are many great locations throughout the southeast to plan a micro wedding but one of the best locations in the south is Savannah.  Even before the onset of the pandemic, micro weddings were on the rise. While the investment into the wedding day didn’t go down, the guest count did. 

Savannah, with all its history and charm, makes for the perfect backdrop to plan that intimate wedding with a city layout that supports some amazing portrait locations.

Getting Ready for Micro Wedding

As you plan a micro wedding, one of the things to consider is where you will get ready. With a plethora of boutique hotels throughout the city, there are many options for getting ready spaces for you and your wedding party. 

Some of these locations offer all-inclusive elopement packages while others do not.  One of our favorite getting ready spaces is at the top of the Desoto.  Boasting a view of the city and a balcony overlooking the Cathedral Basilica of St. John, it provides for some pretty epic getting-ready shots.

First Looks for Micro Weddings

Micro weddings in Savannah don’t have to be synonymous with hurried.  In fact, that is the exact opposite of the way we like to roll in the city.  It’s meant to be savored, just like the wedding day and so we recommend a first look in one of the many historical squares. 

One of my favorite locations is Madison Square.  From a historic bookstore to wrought iron fences and beautiful landscaping, there are lots of great backdrops to that first look.

Ceremony Options

Many of the historic squares have born witness to micro weddings over the years but there are so many options for ceremony locations that you don’t have to be limited by just the outdoors.  Many historic churches and restaurant venues have played host to some elegant micro weddings this year to include La Scala, Perry Lane, and the Brice to name a few.

Plan a Micro Wedding Reception

Savannah has some of the best restaurants should you want to keep your reception simple and low key or even look at hosting it at a slightly larger venue such as Churchill’s.

From the start of the day to the end, there are many beautiful and elegant options for planning a micro wedding in and around the Savannah area for beautiful backdrops. For more locations and ideas on micro weddings, check out this Jekyll Island Club Resort wedding here.

Planning a micro wedding in Savannah at the Desoto
Ethereal bride at micro wedding in downtown Savannah
Micro wedding at the oldest church in Savannah
Bride and groom walking to a micro wedding in historic Savannah
Wedding at oldest church in Savannah Georgia
Couples portraits after a micro wedding they planned in Savannah
Couples portraits at historic church

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