How to Plan a Destination Engagement Session

Destination Engagement session with dog.

Destination engagement sessions are something that can take your wedding planning experience to the next level. Most couples opt for a traditional engagement session with maybe two outfits. However, this can often feel boring and takes the fun and creativity out of an engagement session.

Destination Engagement and Why You Need One.

When you are planning a wedding, sometimes the engagement session location and theme will fall by the wayside compared to the larger event. The engagement session becomes almost an afterthought with just some last-minute planning and maybe a new outfit.

Destination engagement sessions allow you to expand your horizons and go where the wedding can’t take you. Perhaps you want a destination engagement in Highlands, North Carolina at a boutique hotel or a day at the beach in 30A. No matter where you want your session, your photos should show off who you both truly are and not what other people want you to be. This goes beyond just telling a story for a save the date card.

Picking a Location

Picking a location is probably the hardest part. We suggest looking up “best places for engagement photos” in your Google browser for whatever city you are looking at visiting. This gives you a start as there might be a few locations there that you might have not considered yet.

We would suggest you look at destination session locations that resonate your personal aesthetic, such as the Swan House in Buckhead GA.

Destination Engagement Session and how to plan one

Choosing a Destination Photographer

You really want to try and work with the photographer you hired for your wedding day. This will give you the chance to get more comfortable with your them so that you aren’t as nervous on your wedding day.

Above all, you want to make sure your photographer has done destination photography before. Being a destination photographer is a skill set on its own. Usually, these photographers are very good at improvising on the fly and being resourceful. They realize that you only get one shot at this site so they have to make it count. Your photographer can also be integral in suggesting possible location sites and outfit selections. 

Selecting the Dates

This part is a little more tricky than a typical engagement session. If you are having your session at a nearby location, we would always recommend you have a rain date with your photographer just in case. But, if you are traveling to another state where you don’t have as much control, we recommend planning a 2 night stay in your hotel or lodging. This ensures you have one night for your primary session date and one night for your backup date. This will allow you maximum flexibility just in case something unexpected happens. 

Destination Engagement Ideas

Further ideas you want to consider revolve around the theme and look of your day. All of these are great to also discuss with your photographer. Some of these include outfit ideas, jewelry, the style of dress you may consider to match your theme, and ways to show off elements of your wedding in your engagement shoot. To get more ideas, see our latest video below:

Engagement ring detail and how to plan an destination photo session
Planning a destination engagement session can be as simple as a botanical garden in another state
Downtown Savannah engagement session
Destination Engagement Session at Forsyth Fountain
How to plan a destination engagement session and proposal in Savannah Georgia
Destination engagement session and how to plan them

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