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Lowndes Grove

Lowndes Grove estate, once called Rose’s Farm, was built at some point in 1786 on the Ashley River in charming Charleston, on the fourteen-acre property with an inviting historical home. There are bits of whimsy left by previous owners throughout, including the decorative lion on the front doorknob as well as the arched windows recognized almost as much the signature black and white tiled floor in its front entryway.

History of the Estate

Originally designed in the Georgian Style before the Revolutionary War, its facade has been updated and changed over the years. While the house was expanded in the 1800s, they still boast the original floors in the front part of the home. The home has played host to President Theodore Roosevelt and has graced the cover of Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine. If the home looks familiar to you, it is most likely because it plays host to Netflix’s show, Outer Banks.

Wedding Venue

As a photographer, I loved the vast options for portraits provided by not only the architecture but also by the landscaping as well. Any couple looking to get married here will be delighted with how they can make the space really reflect who they are based on all of its neutral colors. It truly was a delight touring Lowndes Grove and enjoying a bit of history while in Charleston.

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