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When it comes to boudoir photography ideas, oftentimes less is more. I know this may sound odd but in reality, I find that the main reason is we as women add in too many extra things, is that we are trying to hide. We worry about having the right make-up, the right hairstyle, the right outfit, the right shoes, and the right jewelry.

The Outer Shell of Boudoir

We, as women often try to create the best version of ourselves to present to the world in every situation from business to family to our everyday social interactions. We have created the outer shell which I like to call our armor. We feel protected by it even if we are cracking and broken on the inside. Boudoir Photography is all about accepting who we are and celebrating that.

It is a Journey

Boudoir Photography is most powerful when you treat it as a celebration of the journey you are on. That may simply be a realization that your body is amazing no matter what the dress size says. It may be that you have come to an end of a battle and won, mentally, emotionally, or physically and that journey deserves to be celebrated.

Boudoir Photography is Ageless

Keep in mind, that Boudoir knows no age. Whether your 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, or 101 boudoir is for you! As you begin to think about boudoir photography ideas for your session, we can help you through that process to celebrate who you are or who you are becoming.

Keep the Colors Simple

When selecting what color outfits to wear, if any, make sure that you stick to colors that do not detract from your face. Neutrals, blacks, and earth tones work incredibly well. In some cases, our clients prefer to keep it so simple with their photos that they opt to go semi-nude for a bodyscape.

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