First Look | Why You Need One

First Look | Why You Need One

A First Look is one of the most heavily debated topics in the industry and couples often are not sure why they need or would want a first look. While we know that first looks aren’t for everyone, there are really some strong and compelling reasons why we thing you need one.

More Pictures with a First Look

When couples postpone their first look until the ceremony, it is like hitting a brick wall in the photography world. Without the first look we are limited in what photos we can take before the ceremony. Since the bride and groom can’t see each other before the ceremony, we have to push all of the couples photos until after the family portrait time. At that point the bride usually has barely eaten, is hot, and just truly wants to get to the reception. I completely get that because I was that bride but it results in less photos and regret when it comes to the design sessionWe find that couples who do a first look on average get at least 10% more photos than those who don’t.

Timeline Goes Smoothly

Couples find that without a first look, after the wedding the timeline is condensed, leaving them feeling rushed and stressed. They feel pressure to try and cram everything into a timeline. In addition, we have found that couples usually have to add an additional hour of coverage because there timeline is so tight they can’t fit everything they want into that short period of time. Having a first look ensures this does not happen and helps your timeline to run smoothly.

Removes Anxiety

Imagine yourself in the grooms shoes for just a moment. You are standing in front of 300 people and everyone is waiting to see how you will react when you see your bride. Are you supposed to cry, smile, laugh? Everyone is looking at you for this one moment. This pressure is so intense, we have known Grooms to pass out. Having a first look takes all of this pressure off of the groom and allows him to savor that moment. 

So these are our top three reasons you need to have a first look. Now let’s talk about the biggest objection we typically have, the one and only…

“It breaks tradition”

This is one of my most favorite objections to talk about. In order to do this, we have to look at where this tradition came from. This happened during a time when arranged marriages were very common. The wedding was considered more of a business transaction than an act of love. The father of the bride wanted his daughter to marry into a wealthy, land-owning family. One of the biggest fears from the fathers perspective was that the groom would see the bride before the wedding, not find her attractive, call off the wedding, and cast shame onto the family. Therefore, the tradition came about that the groom could only meet his bride at the ceremony as to prevent the chance of him running off. This is also where the concept of the veil came from (Bridal Guide).

These are just a few of the reasons we love first looks. For a more detailed list watch our Youtube video which goes into more detail.



Having a wedding first look can be a huge benefit to your wedding and ceremony. Having a first look ensure your timeline goes off without a hitch but, and most of all, it allows you and your future husband to enjoy each other more and savor the day.

So are you considering a first look? Let me know below…

Top Reasons Why You Need a First Look On your wedding day

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