June 30, 2016


Best Bridal Makeup Tip

Bridal Makeup Richmond Virginia

Biggest Bridal Makeup Tip

So lets be real for a second ladies, I rarely wear makeup.  I love the idea of it but growing up I never really wore it unless it was a special occasion and then, it wasn’t me putting it on.  I can do the basics but beyond that, I am totally lost.  I stick to one basic look and that is pretty much it.  If this sounds like you, then keep reading because I have a huge life saving, stress lowering tip for you . . . You need a makeup artist on your big day!  Boom . . mike drop  . . I am done!

I Can Do It Argument

So if you aren’t like me and you wear makeup all the time, you might be tempted to just do your own makeup on your wedding day.  This is rarely ever a good idea and I know makeup artists who on their wedding day still hire someone else to do it for them.  This takes the pressure and stress off of you and it is also a great way to be pampered before walking down the aisle instead of worrying about getting your eyeliner just right.

It isn’t in the Budget Argument

I understand being on a budget as you plan a wedding.  We are on one as we plan our vow renewal in October and we were on an even tighter one ten years ago when we got married.  I didn’t hire a makeup artist then but I sure did this time around.  The peace of mind that spending an extra $200 brings is worth it.  It guarantees that my photos will be flawless and that I won’t worry about the dark circles under my eyes showing through.  To give you an idea of the impact good makeup can have, take a look at the before and after images below.  For a transformation like that, I will gladly find it in my budget.  I have to give a huge thank you to Ashlyn of Transformations Artistry for this flawless look.Hair and Makeup Artist Richmond-1Hair and Makeup Artist Richmond-1

What Hiring a Makeup Artist Does

Hiring a makeup artist allows you to sip champagne, relax, and be pampered while you hang out with your best friends before walking down the aisle.  Having the peace of mind knowing that that last minute zit is flawlessly covered is worth every single penny.  The confidence you will feel from having your makeup done will also translate into your portraits and loving your wedding photos that much more.  If you wouldn’t hire Uncle Bob to shoot your wedding, why would you hire Aunt Sally to do your makeup?  Do it . . it is your day to feel like a princess!

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  1. Annie Fell

    July 6th, 2016 at 8:38 pm

    I really liked the way you did a make-up session yourself and your hair looks super, for this blog entry.

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