February 13, 2018

5 Tips for Brides at a Bridal Show

5 Tips for a Bridal Show

Hey sweet bride, yes you . . the one with that amazingly sparkly ring on your finger.  I know you are in the full throws of wedding planning and probably have a bridal show or two on your list to attend.  Here’s the thing though, if you have never attended a bridal show . . they can be a little . . chaotic.  So today we are sharing five of our best kept secrets for getting the most out of your time there.

Take a Wingman

Having a best friend, mom, or fiancé with you will make the experience not only that much more fun but it means having support there with you.  There will be a ton of vendors there and at some of the larger shows, they kind of all tend to get blended together.  Having a wingman there will help you remember key points that are important.

Make Notes

This sounds rather silly but relates back to the previous point.  After meeting with a vendor you feel really strongly about, take a few notes to help you remember the next day when you go to start making decisions.  Write down the companies name and any key points that you gathered.

Freebie Friday

Wedding shows are known for having freebies.  However, don’t expect that every vendor will have one.  If they do offer a giveaway or freebie don’t forget to sign up for it.  However, do take the time to get to know the vendor and what they stand for.  Often times a stellar vendor gets looked over when you rush through the show itself.

Be Prepared to Book

You may find that one vendor that you absolutely love.  They are a perfect fit, perfect price, and are available for your date.  Other brides may feel the same way and book that vendor outright at the show.  This leaves you stuck looking for a replacement to your ideal vendor team.  Be prepared to book at the show if it is someone that you absolutely love.  They may even have a show special just for doing that exact thing.

Ultimately, have fun and enjoy the process.  Take time to enjoy the sample cake . . I mean who doesn’t love CAKE and get to know the personalities of the wedding vendors in your area.  Chances are if you are able to connect with them on a personal level at the show . . you are going to LOVE them on your wedding day.  If you are currently engaged we hope to see you this Sunday at the Engaged Bridal Collective at the Haven at 1-4pm.  Make sure you RSVP here.


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