January 10, 2017

Wedding Planning Tips

Where You Put on Your Wedding Dress

Where to put on your wedding dress tipsWhere You Put on Your Dress

You have planned all the details of your day from what you will wear to how your hair will look but have you planned out where you will put on your dress?  From a simple hotel room to an elegant dressing room or a secluded path in the woods, where will this take place?


The Moment when it all Becomes Real

That moment when the dress comes off the hanger and the last few loops of the corset are being laced is the one point in the wedding day when it all starts to feel real.  Emotions run high and tears flow freely as mommas, sisters, and friends celebrate the new phase of life that is about to start.  As a photographer, I want to tell that story, that moment in the best way possible.

Key Factors to Consider

When picking out a place to get ready, here are a few things to consider:

  • Does it have a window?  If not, you don’t need to worry.  While we prefer big beautiful windows, we bring the light and are ready for anything.
  • Is the room big enough?  Consider how many people you want in the room when you get your dress on.  Do you want a small intimate gathering or all the ladies there.
  • Do you like the look of the space? While we can make any room amazing, it really comes down to you liking the backdrop of where you will get dressed.  We have captured this moment in church Sunday school rooms, hotels, conferences rooms, and even on a secluded pathway in the woods.  The sky is the limit.

For more tips and tricks on your wedding day, feel free to contact us at info@meredithryncarz.com

Where to get ready on your wedding dayWhere to put on your wedding dress tips 3Where to get ready on your wedding day

Wedding Day Tips | Alabama Wedding Photographer

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