February 8, 2017

Wedding Planning Tips

You Might be an MRP Bride If . . .

You might be an MRP bride You might be an MRP bride

If the words romantic, ethereal, and classic come into play when planning your wedding day, you might be an MRP bride.  An MRP bride loves a good romantic tale and wants her story to be captured in a way that when the images hang on her wall, they act as direct link back to that day.  Her wedding day images serve as a reminder of that forever promise and she cherishes them immensely.

The Idea of Legacy

You might be an MRP brides if the word legacy plays into your wedding day and view of marriage.  MRP brides celebrate and honor where they came from and the idea that they are creating a new legacy with their husband that will last and grow through the years.  They often will carry an heirloom item on their wedding day or find ways to incorporate it into their dress, jewelry, or ceremony.

A Marriage that Lasts a Lifetime

MRP brides know that while the wedding day is something amazing and exciting to look forward to, there is SO much more to be excited about.  They know that their wedding day is just the start of a great adventure and plan according to that idea.  Because we are a wedding photography business focused on that, we continue relationships and connection to our brides long after capturing their wedding day as we support them through the growth of their marriage and family.

Elevating the Ordinary

MRP brides place a high value on portraiture that tells a story and elevates their unique story to the level of extraordinary through the art of photography.  They often tell us that their primary concern next to picking a wedding date, is finding a photographer that will seek out the unique and special in there day and capture those intimate moments that weave together to tell their story.  Does this sound like you?  We would love to chat!  Feel free to contact us here and share your engagement story, because after all we love a good romantic tale!

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