Elevate Your Guest Experience with a Mixologist

Hiring a Mixologist for Your Wedding

Trends since the pandemic has had couples shift their focus from themselves to creating a unique guest experience for those who choose to take time out of their lives to celebrate their love. One of our personal favorite trends is to elevate your guest experience with a mixologist.

You might be asking yourself what the difference is between a bartender and a mixologist? A bartender is great at mixing traditional cocktail drinks and beer and wine, while a mixologist is skilled in combining different spirits to create a unique flavor profile. While traditionally you would find mixologists at a high profile bar or restaurants, they are now becoming a guest favorite at weddings.

Mixologist creating drinks

We sat down with Brendan of Shaken and Stirred Mixology, who we met at Kelly and Mitchell’s wedding, to see how his process works and a bit about his company.

When Brendan begins working with a couple, he loves to get to know them and their story, which helps him develop drink ideas for them. In the past, he has drawn inspiration from their favorite cuisine, a vacation they took together, maybe a type of drink they had on their first date, and so on while considering their favorite spirits and flavors. He aspires to evoke memories from the couple while creating new ones on their wedding day. After he has had time to develop a few cocktails, he sets up a tasting with the couple offering several options for cocktails. It is an open line of communication on what they like and dislike during this time.

Mitchell's Wedding Cocktail

When Brendan met with Kelly and Mitchell, they decided to wow their guests with two cocktails. Mitchell has a love for bourbon and rye and wanted something with those flavor profiles but also wanted his guests to be able to enjoy a few cocktails while generally darker liquours are more of a one-time drink.

Mitchell’s drink was served in a coupe glass and included rye whisky, port wine, cinnamon, lemon, and egg whites and topped with cacao nibs.

Lavender Custom Wedding Cocktail

Kelly loves lighter flavors like citrus. So her drink had a citrus base with a fun surprise. The mixologist would make the majority of the drink and then would give a small vile of lemon juice, and the guest would pour it into the glass; as it mixed, the color of the drink changed! This was a huge wow factor for the guests and changed a few people’s minds on what drink they wanted before ordering.

Shaken and Stirred Mixology thinks of all of the small details. With their cocktails needing more time to mix during the event since they are putting on more of a show and entertainment, they have plenty of bartenders and barbacks, so it flows seamlessly. So while your guests might want to hang out at the bar with their drink, they won’t be waiting in a line. You also won’t have to worry about your hand-picked cocktail landing in the wrong glassware; Shaken and Stirred Mixology provides all the glassware for the drinks.

Mixologist at a Wedding

Brendan, let us know that the possibilities for mixologists are endless, and couples are just scratching the surface of what is possible. He also wants couples’ to understand while this is an extraordinary experience for their guests, their ultimate goal is for you and your guests to have fun.

To elevate your guest experience with a mixologist for your wedding!

Enhancing your guest experience with a mixologist

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