Sea Pines Country Club | Christmas Gala

Sea Pines Country Club

I first visited Sea Pines Country Club after meeting Beth Anderson at an event.  I was instantly impressed with the beautiful marsh views and how well the community knew each other.  The club dates back to the 1950’s when a group of business owners began to develop Hilton Head Island.  What they created laid the groundwork for what would being the leader in resorts focused on preserving ones natural environment. Recently, Beth invited me back to photograph the Sea Pines Christmas Gala and man what a great event it was.

Sea Pines Staff

While photographing the couples attending, I couldn’t get over how well the members knew the staff but also how well invested the staff were in each of the members lives.  The staff treated each other as family and that type of culture is often missing nowadays.

When the band began to play I was impressed with not only how many people got out and danced but how well they danced.  From Frank Sinatra to Justin Timberlake they knew how to bust a move and left me tapping my feet as I captured all their fun!

Sea Pines Wedding Venue

It was such a fun event to attend and photograph. I can’t wait to go back in the future.  Brides if you haven’t picked your venue for your wedding, I can’t speak highly enough of Sea Pines Country Club.  In addition to the amazing experience and phenomenal food, the portrait locations can’t be beat as the sun sets of the marsh land behind the club.

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