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Paloma Craft CocktailHeadshots for Local Author

I originally met Clair while on a branding shoot for Soiree Event Gallery.  I was immediately impressed with her commitment to her craft.  Despite the fact that we weren’t actually drinking the cocktails she was creating that day, she still wanted them to look great and be an accurate representation of her work.

This past week we had the pleasure of working with her again not only on a future feature for the blog, all about craft cocktails but also on her headshots for her second book coming out in 2019.  Her first book The Classic & Craft Cocktail Recipe Book is a fantastic addition to any home bar and we are excited about her second book on romantic cocktails.

Creative and Logic

Clair is a self described nerd with degrees in English and Physics.  She is a balance of both the creative and logical.  It was an absolute joy to chat with her over lunch at her favorite Thai spot, a local gas station turned restaurant and foodie dream. . . but more on that on another day.

Clair mixed three drinks for us including the Paloma, Whiskey Sour, and Ward 8.  As she prepped, mixed, and poured she shared bits on knowledge not only about types of tequila but the history of the Ward 8 and why batching a Whiskey Sour for weddings, especially in the summer is not advisable.  I also learned that the Paloma is actually a more popular drink in Mecixo than the Margarita and I have to say after sampling one . . I immediately see why.  It was smooth and delicious and perfect for summer with its bright citrus flavor.  I may or may not be a little obsessed with these . . they are just that good.

When she isn’t bartending or writing, Clair gives back through the local Junior Board as well as the local chapter for the Bartenders Guild.  You can follow Clair at See Clair Write and for more amazing drinks, head over to The Essential where she currently bartends.


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Venue: Hoover Randle House

Venue and Props: Prophouse

Mixologist and Author: Clair McLafferty


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