Crane Cottage Headshot Session

Headshots at Crane Cottage

Crane Cottage is arguably one of my favorite outdoor wedding locations in coastal Georgia. With it’s Italianate architecture and beautiful landscaping, it’s easy to see why it’s the perfect wedding and portrait location. We spent the day with Anna of Rustic to Ritz Events as we did her headshot and branding session.

Meet Anna Swanson

Anna has been in the wedding industry for nearly a decade. She got her start at high-end resorts and event centers. She made the transition over to opening up her own wedding planning business for the elegant and detail oriented bride. We met recently at an industry event and I was immediately struck by her calm and welcoming demeanor.

We chatted over coffee about her plans and goals for her business moving into 2020 and one of those goals centered around instagram growth. However, without enough behind the scenes images, Anna felt like she had hit a wall with what to post. We walked through brand visualization and created a plan to accomplish it on a wedding day at the Crane Cottage. Because her mom and children are so integral to Anna’s brand, we also included a quick mini shoot with them.

Behind the Scenes

For most of our branding and headshot sessions, we plan out a day at prime locations that represent a clients brand and storyboard the whole process. In Anna’s case we really needed to showcase what it was like to work with her on a wedding day.

Anna is very detail oriented and even amidst the chaos of a wedding day, remains calm. We wanted to showcase that. We carved out a thirty minute window for formal headshots that matched her brand with the beautiful Jekyll Island Club as the backdrop. Following the headshot session, we focused on her process of setting up the remainder of the reception details.

Will Your Clients Remember You

Are you also struggling to market your wedding business. Do you feel like you don’t have enough images to showcase your amazing work on social media? It can be incredibly frustrating when you are missing that key piece of marketing, especially as we head into the winter. Don’t let another season go by without having the images you need to get in front of your ideal clients. Head to our contact page to set up your complimentary branding consultation today.

Planner: Rustic to Ritz Events

Venue: Crane Cottage

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