October 26, 2015


Why I Believe in the Value of an Anniversary Session

Virginia Wedding Photographer value of an anniversary session

I believe there is as much value in an anniversary session as there is in an engagement session.  As a Newport News wedding photographer I have had the pleasure of capturing a couples first step towards marriage and forever as they cuddle in front of my camera for the first time, newly engaged.  But, I believe that while your wedding is one epic and amazing day, your marriage is for a lifetime and that an anniversary session can support the preservation of that legacy in an amazing way.

I have known my husband for fifteen years!  Fifteen amazing roller coaster years that have helped to mold us into who we are today.  I look at these photos and it amazes me how much we have grown in our nine years of marriage together.  I could make a laundry list of things that have happened that still feel like miracles to this day, but I don’t have to because I look at these photos and those blessings are etched in my memory with each portrait taken and hanging on our walls.  The gracious blessing of his homecoming from a 15 month deployment in the midst of so much loss is forever preserved in our carefree session at K-State.  I was thankful to have him home safe and we celebrated our two year anniversary with portraits to mark that event in our life.

Anniversary session with Virginia Wedding Photographer

We marked the birth of our first rainbow baby with another anniversary session, this time in North Carolina.  There were so many milestones documented in this one session with the purchase of our first home and the birth of our oldest, Mr. Ninja Warrior himself.  I quit teaching full time and started dipping my toes into photography.  That year was a whirl-wind of change and these portraits remind me to slow down and savor the tiny moments of life.

Value of an anniversary session

Our anniversary session in Texas celebrated the birth of our second rainbow baby Miss Bitsy.  We cuddled in my favorite park, danced, and giggled with joy.  I had become a business owner and a momma of two.  Jason was loving his role as a nurse and we were thriving in so many ways as we were blessed so many times over.

Anniversary sessions form a visual support to a marriage as it changes, evolves, and grows ever stronger each passing year.  These aren’t pictures just for the sake of having a portrait but as mile-markers for the beautiful legacy we are leaving for our children and grandchildren.  These are our visual roots that connect us to our heritage as we move every few years and get to see the world one location at a time.

What will your anniversary session document?


Photographs by La Brisa Photography, The Burks, and Gina Ziedler


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