February 16, 2017


Cheap Dates and Grocery Lists

Cheap Dates and Grocery Apps

Cheap Dates

When my husband and I first got married, money was tight.  We had student loans, rent, and a car payment to cover before ever considering date nights.  We both worked full time with very high stress jobs and Saturday was our time together to just unwind.  Going out to dinner wasn’t always in the budget so we found alternatives.  Our Saturday morning ritual before kids was to head to the grocery store and shop together.  It may sound insane but we loved that time together and still to this day, our favorite outings sans kids is often to the grocery store.  We learned a lot about communicating as a married couple between the produce and canned food aisles and all it cost was a grocery bill.

iPhone Apps

Very early on we realized we were often purchasing items on our grocery list only to get home and realize that there was a duplicate of the item residing at the back of the pantry.  Alternatively, I would often loose the grocery list at some point during the week and would attempt to remember everything we had on that list.  This often left us halfway through cooking a recipe only to find that we were short a key ingredient for the meal.  Sometimes I would attempt to substitute something we had for what we needed which usually resulted in the food being awful or one of us going out to get the ingredient needed.  Both options left us HANGRY.  My sweet tech savvy husband found an alternative and we have been using it for many years.  It’s a shopping list app for your phone that keeps track of frequently used items and allows you to categorize them by aisle in the store which when you are in a hurry is amazing.  It put an end to lost paper lists or forgetting to add something to a list as you go about your day, resulting in well planned out recipes and no more hungry runs to the grocery store.

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